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Something is lurking, all time, behind doors, behind walls, not your mom, not your big brother, or worst enemy, something much worse and ugly, the Xenomorph… Alien Isolation, isn’t really necessary introduce people to Alien series but for young gamers this might be all new, based in the 1979 Alien script and directed movie by Ridley Scott.

Graphics and Music

Top noch, nothing is lacking in quality in this game, the design elements are above every other game out there, the game is presented in futuristic settings, more specifically a ship in outer space, being a particularly interesting “retro” take on the future, graphics being set on tone of what how was done and seen 1979′s movie, there are no LCD’s screens on the ship, most colors are solid white with pronounced shadows, yet not boring and mostly with curved structures and tunnels, full of natural occurrences effects, like fire, lights off, and sound effects, nothing is “flashy” but with a lot style, screens and all tech seems to be rather analogical. tell me, wasn’t that a better future?, anyway, textures are very high resolution, and natural effects are real life comparably done, actually taking advantage of the close environments of the game to raise pixel count on everything but keeping the game running smoothly 60 fps without much graphic power.

Alien: Isolation

The game is highly optimized in PC, and in fact you will find the default graphic settings are set at highest when you install the game.

The music is set on tone, mostly done with sound effects more than music actually, effects actually being really crisp and nicely recorded for the game, so you hear all that happens in the ship when you are all alone there, in vents, doors, lights, etc. really makes you feel you are outside in space and inside a mostly screwed space ship.




Brave people fight, smart people run, and this is a smart game, you don’t really want to fight the Xenomorph, in order to advance you have solve certain kind of engineering tasks on the ship, (puzzles) while dealing with constant harassment of the Alien, it follows you everywhere, and its invincible for you, like a highly specialized killer, faster, stronger, taller, and really smart too, but really ugly.

The mechanics are hide and run, but do not rush or you can be heard and killed, the level design is great along with Artificial Intelligence, so take into account that as a gamer you will actually be fighting a lot of programmers with face and body of an Alien.

Alien: Isolation

The fighting is restrained to smaller situations, yet dangerous, every enemy on the ship is more powerful than you, and just a limited set of tools and weapons to fight back, actually making every step on the game a nervous moment full of tension not made for the weak hearts.

There are also some character movements to help yourself with it, implemented for the player to move like actually a real person would do it in such situation. and by the way, the main character is a woman, which lets be honest, women don’t actually play much this type of games yet complain girls are not in gaming, while we all know, we love lead female characters more than hunk guys with machine guns.

Alien: Isolation

The controls and view are set in first person, controls are tight, responsive and soft, they are well implemented for mouse and keyboard. which leads me to think a officially supported game-pad would work great too.



Just after the third Alien movie, you are the daughter of Ripley the main character of the movie, who’s search for the destiny of her mother leads her to face the Xenomorph, in a mission that apparently was only to repair and give maintenance of mining ship stuck on outskirts of some distant planet, making a nice continuation of something it was never solved or told in original movies, actually as a fact, they could’ve choosen to make her a valet dancer, but this is far more interesting and respectful as a sequel of the original scripts.

Alien: Isolation

Actually games like Doom 3 and Dead Space took most inspiration from Alien movies. well, this game is a direct well take cared sequel and by consequence much better.

I recommend you to watch at least the first Alien movie for you to have the whole story, without actually being necessary for playing the game and understanding the plot.




Was this selected as game of year? I can’t remember, but certainly is worthy of it, and has all elements to stand out of the trash ton of games that are being released right now, and possibly in the future, this is a safe buy, and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase at full or discounted price. just remember is not for the faint-hearted.

Alien: Isolation

Overall a great display of talent here, based on a already talented team of the 70′s decade. Alien Isolation does not disappoint.

Highly recommended!
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