Astray – Are You Afraid of Dark


Astray is a horror/puzzle game in first person. Set in a museum for the supernatural, you are tasked with finding your missing uncle. To do so, you must navigate through different museum exhibits, solving puzzles and carefully making your way through hazards. At the end of each exhibit you find a key. With all 3 keys in hand, you can then open a large, heavily locked door in the museum’s lobby, presumably where your uncle is kept.

The Good

+ The game has nice visual intregrity. Environments are nice.
+ Ambience is spot on, and appropriate for each exhibit.
+ It can be very dark, which is great for setting up the game’s tone.
+ You can explore each exhibit in whatever order you choose.
+ A flashlight assists you in the darker areas.

The Bad

- With only 3 exhibits to explore, the game is very short.
- The puzzles can be extremely easy.
- Little to no replay value.
- The battery gauge recharges over time, so batteries found are somewhat useless.

Astray offers a unique experience for it’s price point. At such a low cost of entry, there isn’t much to lose, even if you don’t end up enjoying the experience. It’s definitely worth checking out at least once, simply for the unique setting it offers.

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