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Despair – Labyrinths of Subway


Currently indie projects are popular. Among them there are games of different genres, including horror. From the most popular can be called, Outlast, Amnesia, Slender, SCP, etc. Now I would like to draw attention to the project called Despair. This is indie-horror from the studio AGC, the game released in May 2015. Developer used Unity game engine to create this game. Read more…

Skyrim Mod – Waterfall Outland

Waterfall Outland

Version v1.1 is released!
Attention! Dragonborn and Dawnguard are required!
I am glad to present you my new house mod for Skyrim. The house is made in an unusual style. Structure is somewhere in an unknown place, to get to where you will be using the portal. Cell of house is located in the exterior. Read more…

Walkthrough and the Secrets of Van Helsing

Van Helsing

This is a general translation of a Russian language guides plus my personal additions and screenshots. Currently only half translated article. Errors, comments, additions you can leave here in English. Once again I welcome the readers of my guide! Thank you all for support, comments and assistance in correcting errors. I will be very glad if you put rate UP in steam. Read more…