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One Finger Death Punch – Knockout


This game seems to be inspired by Kung-Fu films. You first learn to use the incredibly simple mechanics of martial arts choreography which requires only a mouse. There is no keyboard to consider for any part of the game. It is all about learning how to use the left and right mouse buttons as a stick figured man fight other stick figured people, usually gray in color. Read more…

BioShock: Infinite – Clouds of Columbia


It’s is quite different than the other Bioshock games because of what’s excluded. Gone is the city of Rapture. Gone is Jack, the protagonist. Gone is Andrew Ryan, the main villain in Rapture. Gone are Big Daddies and the Little Sisters. What’s new is the city of Columbia in the year 1912, a city that seceded from the United States because of its ideals and superiority. Read more…