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Breach and Clear Deadline is a tactical zombie shooter developed by Mighty Rabbit Studios. Initially, Breach and Clear was the usual tactical game about American soldiers who punished their enemies. Therefore, it is worth noting that the first part was a great idea, but the implementation of the game was limping, and now developer decided to change something.

So, what do we have here? Deadline offers us a new history which will plunge into the atmosphere of zombies – the apocalypse. In my opinion, the developers still need to develop the idea of terrorists. For example to recreate the atmosphere of the war in Iraq or Afghanistan.

We have four soldiers. Everyone can choose a certain specialization (sniper, medic and scout). What can I say about tactical component, It is useful to you only at the moment when you will be pressed by the zombies almost to the wall. And the tactical menu is quite interesting and done well. There are a lot of actions you can do, such as barrage of fire that makes your enemies hide in the shelter. It is possible to use the machines and all the crates as cover.

Breach & Clear: Deadline

It is possible to level up your character and learn skills. Skill tree for each unit depends on his specialization. There are some essential abilities and useless. Disappointed that we have not many different weapons and gear. However, there is an ability to mod all equipment. Perhaps it is worth paying attention to a modest number of enemies. Couple of types of zombies and malevolent citizens. A large number of minor tasks gives more freedom in the study of the game world. During the walkthrough, I came to the sewer. I went down, and you know what I saw there? There are rooms where you can live, but only without wallpaper. No signs of any of various vermin (rats, toads).

Regarding optimization, it is more or less acceptable. There is where need to fix the error, for example, one soldier runs into the house, and the whole group is trying to break through the wall. Once I got to the location where it was necessary to protect the person from the waves with the dead, I died and was no longer able to load the game. Even reinstalling did not help, I had to re-start the game. The graphics look very attractive. The entire game world worked at a high level. We can observe in the process as a perfectly legible residential buildings, cars, street lights, etc. Music good fit the atmosphere.

Breach & Clear: Deadline

All in all, I would say that this is a good tactical shooter about zombies. I am a big fan of tactical games and I can tell you that I liked this game a lot. A couple of things that have disappointed me are perhaps the theme of zombies and optimization. This product is worth the money, and if you’re a fan of tactics it is definitely worth a try.

Great tactical component
Upgrades system for characters and items
Many side quests
Good graphics

Zombie story
Bugs, optimization

Total: 7 / 10

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