Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger – Wild West Chaos


Call of Juarez: Gunsliger is a first-person shooter developed by the Polish company Techland and published by Ubisoft. The game’s story begins in the early twentieth century. In Abilene Texas town enters a traveler. Staying in the saloon, relax and attracts attention. Our main character named Silas Greaves and he is known as a bounty hunter entered in the history of the Wild West.

Saloon customers ask him for stories and of course Silas Greaves begins to tell them their. Each story is one of the episodes of the game. In his stories there are such characters as the Dalton Brothers, Jesse James. They are known around the Wild West at that time.

Gameplay is a brutal shootout with a lot of enemies and blood in the Wild West. At the beginning will be a selection of one of the three modes: The Story, Arcade and Duels. The game has three difficulties. During the game we will get experience for taking part in the shootings, as well as for finding the secrets in the episodes. The experience will depend on how well you fight. For example, for a shot in the head or a combo kills we will get much more experience. All the experience gained is used to learn perks. There are three talent trees. It enables us to choose the our style of play. (Akimbo, Sniper, Marksman) There is no usual HP bar here, we will see a drop of blood on the screen when receiving a certain amount of damage, and death will be in the form of a bullet punched in the screen. It looks great! We also have ability to slow time which makes it easy to deal with multiple enemies and dodge bullets. It’s a classic adrenaline bar.

Call of Juarez

The graphics reminds us the Borderlands series. Painted style fits well and shows the beauty of the game. There traced everything from large facilities and ending with folds on the gloves of the protagonist. In the game, you can also see many different beautiful landscapes. Starting from the different canyons ending with rainy forests.

Interesting story
Atmosphere of the Wild West
Historical information
High-quality sound effects
Variety of locations
Perk system

Story mode is short
Just a couple of types of revolvers and shotguns

Total: 8 / 10

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