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Long ago, in a long forgotten time… there was epic tales of adventure, heroism , drama, betrayal and honor. they were called RPGs and were mostly developed in Japan in the 90s.Those time have passed and mostly forgotten, only few studios dare to take challenge of developing something so massive and similar like in those days.

Graphics and Music

You start your game as Aurora, a wonderfully red haired hand drew little girl, who’s life end at the beginning of her journey. The game is developed in a world called “Lemuria” a place after death, a realm. which is portrayed with wonderful hand drew art, and implemented with “Ubiart” engine, ubisoft took great inspiration on old European child’s books to create the world of Lemuria, yet the graphics are not childish at all, they look fantastic with a sober set of colors, unlike Ori and the Blind Forest who’s art is American styled, this game’s graphics is completely European in style, and looks amazing, like if watching a framed oil paint come life in your HD screen., colors and design elements are very carefully done to set a classic tone of adventure and epicness. 10 out 10 in the graphics department.

Child of Light

As for the music is quiet and orchestrated, with several rhythms according to each place you visit in the Lemuria world. towns, forests, dark places. is very well done and carefully composed for not breaking the tone of the game. the game shows mastery in both music and graphics. and never sets the tone of game too high when is not necessary, it flows.

This game cannot be compared to a movie or animated series, this game in terms of graphics can only be compared to classic art.


As the first paragraph says, Ubisoft takes an approach to the Square, Enix, Capcom, Sega, Japanese developers in the 90s but in a 2d side scrolling approach rather than a “sky camera” with a turn based combat, like in the old times of Final Fantasy, implementing a set of spells, closed ranged attacks, and well implemented “timing and time” visual bar for battles and attacks, creating a good and balanced set amount of strategy without being complicated, still fun and enjoyable.

Child of Light

Lemuria is a nice place to explore, where Aurora is the main character, but, you will meet between 4 or 5 characters to be in battle, but only 2 characters can fight at the same time taking one less character that usual 90s games who were 3 or 4 at the same time. The characters are interesting and all of them have their own story to tell and own abilities, so rotation of them is a must in order to defeat powerful enemies. (except the DLC, which i recommend not to get)

The side scrolling 2d approach gives the game a fresh tone, and as a fact takes inspiration from Paper Mario, and that perhaps is a mistake, as for it shines is in the art, but the game-play feels simplified and not deep. and contrary to Paper Mario this is a short game, 12 to 15 hours game.

Child of Light

There is not real loot to pick up or powerful weapons to upgrade, hidden powerful enemies or obscure set or armors. the upgrade system is simplified, and lacks deep compared to 16 bits games era, and that is little disappointing. taking into account this game came 15 years later approx.


Aurora is the daughter of a King, who’s death comes by the hand of her stepmother, after life entering in the world of Lemuria without knowing much about anything, to what point the game starts to develop.

This game is a poem, all dialogue made out of clever lyrics, is wonderfully written and actually takes good amount of understanding to see what is really behind the verses, as for a young person will find it nice and cute or silly, and grown ups may come to see the sarcasm, jokes and funny comparatives of the characters with real life people. for example, the heroic money chasing cute… RAT!. That is a very clever and innovative approach, the dialog is not silly at all as some people might think, actually is very mature, is something great that only poetry can achieve, and the game script is all made of it.


The controls are simple and functional, like most of RPGs the complexities does not lie in the controls but rather in the game-play mechanics. can be played comfortably with a keyboard or a game-pad, depending on what you really prefer, the controls are good in any case.

Child of Light


This game is a whole package in terms artistic, creative and tech development, from visual art, to music, to written art, even if it somewhat fails in game-play mechanics, without actually being bad. great example of good gaming. it really deserves you to check it out, more if you like turn based RPGs games and truly good taste in art. with a very nice price-tag, yet, think it stays as an example only, this video-game had so much potential to become an absolute classic, that is wasted by the simplified mechanics and relative short duration of the game for the type of gender RPGs suppose to be.

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