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I propose to begin our review with the realization of the fact that there are several categories, which include products of the gaming industry. In our case, Cradle it is not a game, it is – a book, which has a beginning and an end. Book awakens a variety of deep feelings inherent in our minds: what is good and what is bad, what is beautiful and what is not.

It tells us the story of the beauty that hides the ugliness and moral degradation of the society. The action takes place in the near future, fifty years later, and it raises important problems that concern to society in our time. It should be noted, that in development of the project was attended people from GSC, which, at the time, gave the industry a cult STALKER series, sunk into the hearts of millions of gamers around the world. Though Cradle has no similarities with the acclaimed franchise, we have a product of the same quality, but in my personal opinion, even higher.


According to the story, in the world there was a release of the virus, because of which all humanity has become infertile. People could not reproduce, so there is a need to maintain the population. To do this, the people imprisoned themselves in the mechanical shell (m-body) to them have been transferred the mind, and DNA. Each of the men had a counter that shows the number from 1 to 100 showing the “beauty” if more than 70, so he is beautiful, and if less, then you are considered to be less useful to society as your body can not excrete a substance that can fight the virus. You ask, and how to determine the “beauty”? The value of this indicator depends on the purity of your DNA, if it cleaner – the higher beauty number.

This story begins with the fact that the main character is Mongolian with the name Enebish (translated as “not this”) wakes up in a yurt, and on the table he see a girl-robot whose legs form a flower vase. The protagonist raises many questions, because he does not remember anything. We will have to unravel a gigantic tangle of events: what is this world like, who are its inhabitants, what in this society values, and so on. I won’t give more details, but I will say that the story is simply amazing, especially the ending. Do you remember Bioshock Infinite ending? Prepare the collect same puzzle over the plot using the knowledge obtained from different data sources.


Gameplay is just walking on huge outdoor locations, collecting various items, use them, search for notes, a variety of data, solve simple puzzles. Initially, you can go anywhere, there are not many places to see, Enebish’s yurt and a huge entertainment complex called “Gerber Garden”, whose story we have to explore. In it, we will need to pass the test to get some things. These tests are action-arcade puzzle games in which we have to collect the cubes of different colors and throw them into the torrent, avoiding various obstacles. There are not many levels like this but each of them has different conditions, enemies and colors. We must act quickly, make decisions on the fly, look under our feet to not to fall and not lose collected points, which we need to collect in the number of 30.

Visually “Cradle” looks amazing: Mongolian steppe, the yurt interior designed in great detail, weather effects accompanying emotional and mental state of the player and the protagonist, a beautiful and indescribable soundtrack in the female vocal performance, voice characters. Especially memorable song at the end, which carries the meaning and putting the final point of the story. The main thing – listen to the words, and … it is not necessary to leave the “Cradle”, there you will see only emptiness.


Cradle has left a lot of different emotional feelings, which lasted for several hours after the final credits. To say that the game is a kind of a breakthrough in terms of plot – nothing to say. It is a masterpiece, a work of art. A story that with due attention to become as real, that after the game unwittingly come up to the mirror and ask yourself: what is my number of beauty?

Incredible design, well developed game world, attention to the details
The story that will not leave anyone indifferent
The gameplay is not boring
Several active, energetic arcade levels
Memorable characters, sounds and unforgettable soundtrack
Excellent optimization, graphics and effects
It raises various problems that exist in today’s society
Lively and at the same time “dead” game world

Not for everyone

Total: 10/10

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