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Craft The World it is 2D indie project Developed by Dekovir Entertainment. We will plunge into an unforgettable and hostile world. Which is filled with terrible monsters and priceless treasures. To begin with, I want to thank the developers for a quality product. Usually sandbox survival and open world are rather crude, and immediately begin to bore.

Craft The World was fantastic project which immediately pulls the player. The gameplay offers us the opportunity to follow and give instructions for the extraction of resources (wood, ore, coal, food, etc). Also, dwarves using resources can build various buildings (wooden walls, beams, chairs, tables, etc.) and create armor with weapons. Sometimes there are different evil creatures that wants to take the lives of our gnomes. There is a function allowing you to take personal and direct control of the employee. Very interesting tree of technologies, allows you to select which direction you need.

Craft the World

The game world is divided into two spaces, the surface and underground. Of course, on the surface there are important resources such as wood, water, food. Here you can find a variety of edible animals, or bump into enemies. Under the ground there are many minerals (iron, coal, sand, ore, etc) .There probability of finding various treasures, gems, secret rooms. The scale of the maps, as well as its key features are dependent on the world in which you will begin your exciting journey.

The most interesting thing in the Craft The World – a system of crafting. You can create many different materials. For example, armor, weapons, tools of work, ornaments, etc. For the choice given the huge number of items that can be built. In campaign mode you’ll be able to develop the technology tree, which opens up even more possibilities. Kraft is very easy to learn, it is not necessary to select the different ingredients to create something new. All the things that you can make appear in the form of recipes in the menu.

Craft the World

Upon completion of the mission, as well as for the elimination of the monsters, you will receive experience points, and when you achieve a new level you will get a new unit. (1 lvl – 1 gnome). Accordingly, a large population provides us with a huge amount of more resources. Each of the workaholic has its own qualifications, which makes it unique. During the game you will find books that you can use to learn certain skills. The graphics in the Craft The World is good but not special. There is quite a typical hand-drawn graphics, which is in almost all 2D projects on this subject.

The crafting system
Nice graphics
Each employee can have three qualification
Exciting gameplay
Pretty cheap
Convenient controls

For me there are no bad sides

Total: 10/10

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