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Darkest Dungeon is an unforgiving RNG-based Dungeon Crawler that is currently in Early Access. In Darkest Dungeon you assemble a team of ‘heroes’ to try and restore your ancestral estate to its former glory. While travelling through dungeons you not only fight the monsters that lurk there but also stress which can be even more deadly at times.

+ Really nice hand-drawn art style which suits the game well and looks great
+ Ten different hero classes each with their own abilities and combat roles
+ Party order effects what abilities your heroes can use and adds another level of depth to the combat system
+ You can upgrade your heroes’ equipment back at your estate
+ Lots of loot to find in the dungeons
+ Many different enemy types including a number of boss-level enemies
+ Bosses provide a good challenge without feeling overpowered or unbalanced
+ A few different locations including ‘The Darkest Dungeon’
+ The different parts of your estate can be upgraded to provide more benefits to you
+ Permadeath really is permanent due to the game frequently saving so every choice has consequences that cannot be undone
+ Dungeons are procedurally generated so you’ll never see the same layout twice
+ Outstandingly good narrator

+/- The combat system is completely reliant on RNG including in what order your heroes and your enemies get their turn. For the most part the combat system is fun (so long as you like RNG) but having no idea when your heroes or enemies will have a turn is incredibly irritating and often leads to the enemy team having numerous attacks before you get your first. Due to the RNG system it is also possible for you entire team to be wiped out before they even have a turn.

Darkest Dungeon

+/- The stress system, like the combat system is a bit hit and miss as well. Stress increases very quickly when you are playing which is understandable against powerful enemies but when your heroes get stressed after a low-level enemy attacks it can be frustrating. Stress also brings out the best, but usually worst, out of your heroes, when their stress level reaches 100/100 they will either develop a positive trait (increasing their combat effectiveness and boosting your team’s morale) or a negative trait. It’s the negative traits I have a problem with, when a hero develops a negative trait you lose almost all control over them (for the most part they will either refuse to take their turn or you will have no control over which ability they use on which enemy which can be rather frustrating), as well as this most characters with a negative trait (such as paranoia) will refuse medical help from your other characters even when they are on death’s door which can quite easily lead to them dying.

- While on a mission you can only heal your characters in combat or by setting up a campfire (only available on certain missions and has a limited number of uses)

Darkest Dungeon

Verdict: 8 / 10

Despite a couple of flaws this is great dungeon crawling game so long as you know what you’re getting in to. If you’re unsure what RNG is or haven’t played a game involving it before then I suggest you watch a number of gameplay videos before playing the game.

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