Despair – Labyrinths of Subway


Currently indie projects are popular. Among them there are games of different genres, including horror. From the most popular can be called, Outlast, Amnesia, Slender, SCP, etc. Now I would like to draw attention to the project called Despair. This is indie-horror from the studio AGC, the game released in May 2015. Developer used Unity game engine to create this game.

The story is that we are in a subway car that crashed for unknown reasons. During the walkthrough we are trying to answer the questions: what happened, where passengers are missing and what happens here. Over time we will receive answers to the questions… or not.

Gameplay is a walk through the dark tunnels of the subway, as well as adjacent to them separate rooms. Also in the game there is a huge number of tedious, confusing, repetitive labyrinths whose presence defies the laws of logic and common sense. Yes, and they are not creepy at all, but stupid. Yes, of course, sometimes we will be able to be scared. For example, we will pass by the closed bathroom door, and the door opened suddenly produce very loud sound. And inside there is nothing! Scary? Yeah. And here’s another example. We look out the window, the window in the subway? Okay, a little creepy. And there we see the street. What? On the street we see someone’s shadow. Then the shadow disappeared, we turn around and see her in front of us. Suddenly and simultaneously scary, yes, it’s good.

The next element of any indie horror – a flashlight, as well as everywhere we are seeking batteries, which can be easily found here at every corner. In the underground? On the barrel next to the toilet? Batteries, really? Okay. I have to constantly climb the same ventilation shafts in the subway. Corridors with monotonous objects in them everywhere, sometimes they are very empty. Another interesting thing is that after the death character does not lose the contents of the inventory. And there are two long corridors in the game. Do you know what you will find in their very end? It’s nothing at all.


Graphics, here is a lot of blur, well, in the indie games graphic is not really important. But the fact that the game is loading for a minute on a very powerful computer. It is at least strange. But in general it’s fine. On the technical side everything is not so smooth. For example, the game has no save function. It is certainly possible to forgive, the game can be finished in 40 minutes.

Sometimes the game may scare you.
Relatively good graphics.
The price of the game. Especially on sale.
There are some interesting moments.

The story is not entirely clear.
The game has an invisible walls.
Long loading and lack of saving.

Total: 5 / 10

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