The Division – Restoration of New-York!

Tom Clancys the division logo

The Division players will be able to return New York to life with the help of the database. Developers shared the information about the role of databases and the acquisition of territory. One of the important elements to restore order will include an ECHO. This technology will allow players to reconstruct the events of the past on various data.

“Operating the base – the most tangible way to give back to New York after the destruction of life. The city has many different base locations. It used to be government agencies for emergency assistance to the population, but they are now abandoned or under the control of enemy forces, “- say the developers.

The Division

“Capturing these locations, players will be able to increase the level of security in the area. Thus, the civilians will be safe and players will be able to restore order with the help of these strategically important points. ”

«ECHO – short for holographic layer correlation evidence. The system provides a technology instantly collect information from security cameras and audio recordings to restore individual moments in the past. ”

The Division

“With this system, agents will be able to get offline access to information to allow an investigation of the events that may induce them to the origins of the origin of the epidemic. It will also directly affect the gameplay, as will be seen in a hologram hidden objects, as well as being in a particular location. ”

Release of Tom Clancy’s The Division is scheduled for 2015. The game will be on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.