Door Kickers – It’s All About Tactics


Door Kickers – excellent tactical strategy from Romanian developers. It teach us how to go into the little-known areas. First, we start to play as 2-3 SWAT soldiers and go through all missions quite easily. The next step we are going to manage a bigger team, and solve more complex problems. We can take missions by rush, blowing up the door to throw flashes and grenades.

We can equip our soldiers with shields so that they can take damage themselves or we can pass the mission without making a noise. This makes it easy to get to the goal. Also in the game we can give orders in pause mode, it allows us to consider how best, and without loss achieve our goal. This game is very addictive for fans of this genre. Romanian developers have shown that they can make quality tactical game. The game is definitely worth the money.

+ A lot of tactical possibilities
+ Many different missions + Campaigns
+ Workshop support
+ Level editor
+ Each Attempt of passage – different points of respawns of enemies

- Sometimes crowds of opponents spawn in one room

Total: 9 / 10

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