DRIFT84 – Drift Like a God

DRIFT84 Logo

DRIFT84 is a drift simulator with view from the top, developed and published by the studio Reventador Games. The game appeared in Steam Greenlight. Community interested in this project and soon it got the green light and the game got a release date – July 14, 2015. I was always attracted by the simplicity of indie projects.

Personally, I have always been interested in any projects related to cars. Whether it is a serious simulator aimed at the control with the steering wheel, or the arcade racing like Mario Carts. Out of habit, I drew attention to this game. So, what is it like to play DRIFT84?

The game is a simple and addictive drifter simulator, which has everything you need, almost, but more on that later. We have a wonderful visual and technical component. The game menu is simple and convenient, without further details. The picture is simple, but very high quality. Everything looks great: beautifully drawn machines, tracks looks great as needed, there is nothing superfluous. There is also a variety of trees and shrubs on the sides of the road, they fit perfectly and complement the picture. Perfectly worked out the effects of smoke from the tire tracks in the drift, etc. Sound quality as good as possible for such a game.


Gameplay is interesting and addictive. The essence of the game is that we need to participate in races on tracks in different countries, to gain popularity, to modernize your steel monster and eventually become the best drifters in the world. The game has a system to improve the car: you can improve the engine, put better tires, paint the color and so on. Driving is convenient and simple at the same time. So much that even children can play normally. Each track has a set time, we have to drive faster to take first place and get more money. The difficulty increases with each track passed. By the end of the game, you will have a perfect control of your car.

Among the cons I can only find fault with the lack of a mini map, it would have a lot to simplify the game, though, perhaps the developers felt that it should not be here. It could be good if game would have an editor and integration with Steam Workshop, it would have allowed players to share created tracks and thereby extend the gameplay. From personal, it would be nice if the menu could be pushing not only the mouse but with the keyboard, while playing the mouse is not necessary, and each time to take it in your hand to press the restart bit annoying, but it is certainly not critical.


As a result, we get a quality indie project developed in fact by only one person. The game has everything you need: fun gameplay, beautiful design, qualitative sounds, many different tracks. What else do we need?

Qualitatively made Drift
Visually the game looks great
Convenient and easy to master
Car modernization
Good game for idealists

Lack of map editor and Steam Workshop
Slightly monotonous

Total: 7.5 / 10