Far Cry 4 – Main Villian’s Right Hand!

Far Cry 4 Pagan Min Logo

Ubisoft has introduced a new character, which will play an important role in Far Cry 4. Developers have published an image of a certain lady by the name of Hume, which will act on the side of Pagan Min. According to a representative of the studio, Hume – the right hand of the main villain of the game, and General of the Royal Army. Ubisoft have not yet shared any details.

Ubisoft noted that she has a good knowledge of military tactics and no less dangerous than the Pagan Min. Previously, developers noted that in Far Cry 4 will be a lot of female characters. According to the producer of the game, gamers will also meet women in the National Resistance Army, for which the players have to fight.

Picture of Hume:
Far Cry 4 Hume