Topic: Windows Phone 7/8/8.1 users

I've been using Nokia Lumia 1020 for about two years now, quite content with the both operating system and the phone itself to be honest, contrary to views of people.

So do commence here about what you like, dislike, favorite & used apps here, maybe exchange some user experience!

Some must have apps(All here works as file associations too):

  • Adobe Reader: Quite explanatory actually, any kind of PDF need opening, you can get this.

  • Archiver: Opens many types of typical archives, such as .7z, .zip, .rar.

  • Files: Official app for browing phone and if available, extended memory files. Quite useful!

  • Lumia Camera: If you own a Lumia as a Windows Phone user, you definitely need this lens app. It enhances your camera with additional enabled features.

  • Maps: Sort of optional, yet quite useful. Simple app for GPS navigation maps.

  • Office: You'll need this for viewing Microsoft Office formats.

  • QR Code Reader: You'll eventually need it somewhere, must have!

Social Platforms(My preferred/somewhat used apps):

  • App Social: Rely mostly on this for discovering new apps and checking actual useful reviews!

  • Chat for Steam: Steam chat app, simple and useful one!

  • Facebook: Well, official Facebook app, nothing special.

  • Instagram BETA: Well, same with Facebook, official app.

  • LiveGaming: A useful interface for watching Twitch.TV streams, and has chat support too.

  • Messenger: Facebook's secondary app for storing and notifying messages, only.

  • SteamGifts: There's a usermade app for browsing SG forums and entering giveaways.

  • WhatsApp: Your classic SMS replacer ever since 2G era!

Highly recommended apps:

  • μTorrent Connect: Connect to your local IP over Wi-Fi and view/set up your μTorrent client.

  • Authenticator: If you have a account, you can set up your authenticator using this official Blizzard app for free.

  • Cortana: If you need a personal talking assistant, you'll need to check this.

  • Dropbox: Your free file storage online!

  • Health & Fitness: Track your diet, learn about exercises, and some more.

  • Motive: Set your goals and time and track your motives progressing.

  • Steam Daily Deal: Shows daily updated discounts for Steam price list.

  • T-Translator: An advanced multi-language support translator.

What are your picks?