Frozen State – Cold Siberian Nights

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Frozen State is a very promising indie project developed by Snow Arc Studio Ltd. An old house and the atmosphere of loneliness resembles This War of Mine. The first impression has developed specific. At the beginning, we will have a choice between the three characters. Which one to choose? Definitely, there is no choice because every character is unique.

The story line is not yet there but it can be observed, that developers have built the foundation for his writing. The plot will unfold around the Siberian town. Perhaps we need to figure out what happened here. However, history can always be exciting and unpredictable. Now the gameplay based on exploration of locations. Principle of explore here is the same as in This War of Mine.
Come in various buildings and take away as much as you can carry. Sometimes you will encounter enemies so you have to kill to survive. You should attract your attention to crafting system. It is only alpha-stage but the quality of the work can be visible.

Frozen State

There is the possibility to create various buildings, weapons, food, etc. Of course, gather up the required amount of materials you can build tower, fence and bench. Note that you can craft a huge number of guns from a stick with nails finishing with a crossbow. There is a very interesting skill system. You want to stay invisible to the enemy? Definitely develop your stealth skills. You love to blow up? Then you should pay attention to talent «Explosives». Like the melee? Melee skills will help you to deal with the enemy in seconds. Particularly noteworthy are two amazing talent. Hearing and vision, and they definitely do not just save your skin.

The atmosphere is now one of the main trump cards of the game. During the playing you are completely immersed in the silence and solitude of the Siberian days. Along with the characters you begin to experience all of the emotions. You try to survive by any means. Build your shelter, create some weapons and try to find some food. All you are doing for the sake of his protagonist.

Frozen State

As a result, I can say that the developers are on the right path. If they can keep that same bar that originally laid, perhaps, we will see a masterpiece. First, I advise to pay attention to the product fans This War of Mine.

System of skills
The emotional component
Addictive gameplay
Low price
Each character has it’s unique sides
The crafting system

The lack of storyline
The modest number of buildings
You can’t disassemble items

Total: 7/10

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