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As most people Know all TellTale Games have been quite a hit with the gaming community and that is because of their rich story and great way of enforcing desicions and their impact. This game particularilly hit a home with me as I am a lover of the show and the books, anything around this time really so maybe that has clouded my judgement here a bit.

Anyways The pros and cons have always been a good thing to list off here.

The Good

+ Very Rich Story with a promising future and keeps the gamer entertained all the way through
+ Episode 1 was a lot longer than I expected and matched the pace of the show making it a fullfilled feeling at the end
+ Seeing a lot of the characters from the show keep their personalities and even sounded like the characters from the show hit home to me
+ The weight of my choices making me want to go back for more than just 2 times so adds a lot of replay value
+ The fact this game is not afraid to kill of a character to progress the story further is a nice feeling and matches the books and show
+ The graphics to me felt a little wonky at points but has a pastel feel to it

The Bad

- The controls (Keyboard and Mouse) could feel a bit wonky at certain points like moving the mouse while walking
- The Graphics to certain people may turn some people’s heads because it seems like a downgrade from the previous games but to me that does not matter

And by the way… teaser of third episode is here.

Game of Thrones Season 2

So as i finished the first episode I cant wait for more and I will of course update my review as more gets released. I am particularilly really happy with the ending of the first act and HIGHLY reccommend giving this game a try I think its a steal for the price listed 29.99 and offering more than some 60$ games out there very simple yet ever so complicated.

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