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Gauntlet is a reboot of the 1985 classic arcade game. The 1985 version was memorable for having four characters: Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, and Elf. Many people pour quarter after quarter to play this game since it was so addictive. The four characters are back with the same abilities that will remind Gauntlet veterans of what it was like back in the day.

This game offers modes in single player, multiplayer, and four player co-op. You will have to complete three floors of dungeons in each coliseum to unlock new group of floors. The dungeons are diverse enough and you can accidentally shoot foods like in the original. It does get tedious going through the same dungeons after dying and using up skull coins to get a new life. Once you run out of skull coins you will have to start from the first floor regardless of the floor you were in when you died. So, there are no save points on any floor.


Gauntlet also tries to be a little RPG by including Masteries. The Masteries represent the progression of the character you have chosen to play. Believe it or not, dying many times is considered an achievement. Other achievements include taking a lot of damage and using specific moves more than others. It looks to me like the character progression turns out not to be that important since the game is about shooting your way through the dungeons.

The gameplay is interesting when playing co-op or multiplayer. You can shoot each other by accident with friendly fire and that can cause some interesting friction between the players. The layout of the dungeons contains many cranks that you can turn to be able to advance to other parts of the dungeon. It is necessary to get used to being attacked by packs of monsters. In many cases you will have to destroy shacks that summon the monsters since destroying the shacks is the only way to keep more monsters from coming. Sometimes the sorcerers add to the challenge by regenerating the health of a shack with their staves and it will be up to you to kill the sorcerer before destroying the shack.

The controls are easy enough to understand: they are as simple as WASD and the mouse. Playing with ranged characters such as the Elf and the Wizard take more practice than playing with characters that fight in close quarters. I think Gauntlet is more fun when playing either multiplayer or co-op than single player.


The people who experience the original Gauntlet will find this reboot entertaining because of the classic characters and the diverse dungeons. However, if you are a diehard RPG fan looking for deep character customization and progression, you may not like Gauntlet as much as the Gauntlet fans. I think that it is best experienced with other players in multiplayer and co-op modes. The single player mode feels a little boring. This reboot looks better than previous iterations of Gauntlet games that were made after that 1985 original.

Total: 7 / 10

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