Grand Theft Auto V – Two Players Are Online

Grand Theft Auto logo

Technical documentation of GTA V for PC is designed for internal use of Rockstar Games hit the net. Development of PC version of the fifth part of the game began in 2012. Judging by the documents, the first entry on the PC version of the game appeared in 2012, and then the game started to develop in advance.

This proves once again the appearance of the game in the list of video drivers, AMD. Moreover, the documents make no mention PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which may indicate that the PC is the leading platform for the development of GTA V. In the network also revealed other interesting evidence of preparation for the game’s release on the PC. Testers played early builds on the PC, constantly reporting back Rockstar bug report until June 2013. Currently Steam database shows that two players have already played in GTA V on the PC. At the base there is a record of Saturday’s session of the game from 18 to 23 hours, which was attended by two players.

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