GRAV – Space Survival MMO


GRAV is an action adventure sandbox survival game. Players can either cooperate or compete with others over various resources to help them survive the harsh environments found on the planet(s). There are several different elements/materials with which to craft things, and many are very easy to obtain and build. Most things require a blueprint to craft.

Blueprints are dropped randomly by enemies. In this way the game encourages exploration and combat to further the experience by offering you a variety of new things to craft and build.

The Good

+ Extensive crafting options
+ Fast-paced combat
+ Dungeons to loot and explore
+ MMO-like gameplay and mechanics
+ Smooth combat
+ Responsive, simple controls
+ Funny Gameplay / Dancing Character ^.^

The Bad

- Laggy online servers
- Confusing user interface

For an Early Access title, GRAV shows you how Early Access should be done. I asked a question on the forums and got a reply from a developer within an hour. That’s something you just don’t see with Early Access nowadays. The development team is very active with the community and always looking for feedback to improve the game. Give GRAV a shot!

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