Guild Wars 2 – Now is Free To Play

Guild Wars 2 - Logo

Since the game’s release in August 2012, in contrast to other games in the genre, players do not need to purchase a subscription – just buy the game and enjoy the gameplay. Starting today, to try out the “endless adventure” and “battles between entire worlds” do not have to buy the game. ArenaNet announced the transition of the Guild Wars 2 to a free game model.

On the occasion of the transition developers have released a new trailer for the game. It is worth noting that free accounts will impose some restrictions. Players with the free account will have less inventory and character slots and some areas will not be available until the characters reach a certain level. Learn the difference between paid and free accounts can be on the official website of the game.

Guild Wars 2

The good news for fans developers said on the PAX Prime, together with the announcement of a new expansion called Heart of Thorns. The expansion will add to the game raids and a lot of features on October 23 with the release of a new package of content. All players who have played in Guild Wars 2 before move to a free model will be awarded with the Royal Guard costume that will stand out among the newcomers arriving with a free account.

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