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Guns, Gore & Cannoli it’s two-dimensional action game about zombies. It developed by Belgian of Crazy Monkey Studios. Here you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the American Prohibition and feel like a real gangster. The game’s story offers us get acquainted with some Vinnie Cannoli, who works for the Mafia, and performs a variety of difficult tasks.

The game takes place in 1920 during the introduction of Prohibition in America. Again we sent on a mission, our hero need to locate a man named Frankie in Tagtown. However, on arrival in the city, Winnie realizes that it will not be easy to fulfill his contract. Not only local mafia wants to kill him, but also the crowd of dead.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Gameplay is very dynamic, you need to respond quickly to what the enemies you attack and exploit their weaknesses. If you are distracted, even for a second then immediately go to be eaten by zombies. In each situation will have to use different weapons to succeed. Arsenal of our protagonist is rather primitive to the 20s, the main types of firearms (9 mm pistols, submachine guns, “Thompson,” a couple of types of shotguns, flamethrowers and so on). There are also grenades, Molotov cocktails, which add a little variety to the gameplay.

As for the opponents then there are many different kinds of zombies from the simple walking dead to flying vermin. Each of the dead is unique (for example, one moves very fast, good second jump, the third crawl, but if you hit it will be felt, the fourth can use the gun). In addition to the infected, the hero will meet gangsters and soldiers. Gangsters have different color of suit and weapons they use.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli

The graphics are very nice, reminiscent of a project as (Castle Crashers). Games with hand drawn graphics are very popular among the players, and Guns, Gore & Cannoli no exception. Animation characters and a variety of visual effects look great. I would also like to thank the designers, they were able to recreate the atmosphere of the 20′s in the picture.

As a result, the Belgians gave us a brilliant project. It has everything, great graphics, amazing gameplay and story that is relatively short (held for 3-4 hours). Fans of games with a two-dimensional graphics should definitely pay attention to this product.

Hand-drawn graphics
The atmosphere of the 20s
Exciting gameplay
You can play with your friends (local coop)
Incidental music
In some places becomes very difficult
A lot of different enemies
Cheap price

Short story
Arsenal of weapons is small
In a couple of hours begins to be felt monotony

Total: 8 / 10

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