H1Z1 – New Types of Enemies!

h1z1 zombie

Company Sony Online Entertainment told about the future plans for the development of H1Z1. The developers plan to add a lot of new things to the game before its release in early access program. One of the key features will be the plane dump box with useful resources once for certain period of time. Players will compete for supplies with other players, or divide all as brothers.

The team also plans to add new types of zombie in game. One of the types of zombies could be a special type that can attract other zombies with their cry. However, while the main goal of the developers – polished animation and intelligence zombies to the desired state.

H1Z1 Screenshot

Together with the mutants, the game world, extending over 64 square kilometers, and populate new species of animals. Among them are herbivores that do not pose a threat to the players, as well as predators. One of the strongest representatives of predatory fauna is a bear that can carry a lot of trouble to the players.

H1Z1 game scheduled for release in the Steam network on early access program. The project is going to release for free.

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