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Hatred is an indie project of Polish developer from Destructive Creations. In this bloody and cruel game, we have to take the role of a maniac killer that cut anything and everything without any reason. He was tired of people like worms crawling on the ground soil. It is a 3D action game with view from the top in black and white style. Some visuals are highlighted in color.

For example, flashing lights of a police car, fire, blood etc. The game’s plot is plain, and begins with the fact that the protagonist speaks very pompous speech about how he had enough humanity as he bitterly hates men and wants to die suffering. Then he comes out of his house into the street, armed to the teeth and begins to shoot at all without any reason. Gameplay is interesting and very hard even at the easy level of difficulty. There are not much episodes in the game, but enough to make the game did not have time to get bored. From the suburbs of New York to army bases.


In our time, is not profitable to do violent games in the category of 18+, they probably do not release on PS and Xbox, and if not banned in some countries (which happened with Hatred). The game was released only on the PC and was very negatively received by critics (43 out of 100 on metacritic, what I consider absurd, the game not so much bad) is mainly due to excessive unjustified cruelty. Apparently, they have not heard of Manhunt and Postal, there was more cruelty, it was more pronounced due to the fact that games were from the third and first-person.

The developers have done a great job over the quality of the game: the graphics on the highest level, absolutely everything is destructible, realistic sound of gunfire and explosions. And the main hero voice… you hear in him anger and hatred for all living things. Spoon fly in the ointment was relatively weak optimization. While the first level I could play on ultra settings, then I should lower it down in the fifth, even at low-medium it was producing 15-25 FPS. (The Witcher 3 and GTA 5 on high-ultra with stable 30). Developers should have spare a little more time and attention to optimize the product.


The game has a wide arsenal of different weapons, starting with a pistol, shotgun and machinegun finishing RPGs and heavy machine guns. You can also use a variety of vehicles, police cars, military, etc. There are three types of grenades: Fragmentation, Molotov cocktails and flashbang. As I said earlier, the game is hard and to pass it on the maximum difficulty is almost unreal. Enemies kill you with a pair of hits and there are a lot of them like in PAYDAY series. Pure hardcore. As much as it may sound strange, I just liked the title of achievements, they are filled with references to different great works: films, games and books.


So what is Hatred? This is powerful action with crazy protagonist, cool gunfights, spectacular design locations and inexpressible atmosphere of gloom. The game is not so bad, as far as critics of its estimate. You can see an overview of the players, and everything will fall into place, the community of players has apprehended the game normally, so how long ago there was nothing like this in terms of brutality and wanton violence.

Excellent graphics, details
Detailed destructible environment
Qualitative effects: explosions, flames, etc.
Brutal voice of the protagonist
Inexpressible atmosphere of gloom and despair
A large variety of weapons
Interesting, well-designed levels

Weak optimization
After a few hours can bore

Total: 8.5/10

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