Hellblade – A New Game by Ninja Theory


Studio Ninja Theory has announced its new project called Hellblade. Developers promise to present the players’ developed characters, exciting plot and uncompromising brutal battle. ” A new project studio plans not only to develop their own, but also to do its publication.  The main heroine of the game will go on a journey into the “underground mines of hell.”

According to the developers, refusing to cooperate with the publishers of the team will be able to avoid a decline in the quality of the game and diluting the gameplay more appealing to a mass audience members. The game world is based on Celtic mythology.

“In particular, this applies to the hardcore of battles with swords and games with a distinctive style and an unusual story. We want to focus on the gameplay with uncompromising battles, visuals and story, and present it all in digital form at a low price, “- said the head of the studio.

Exclusively for the Playstation 4

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