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The Hive is a real time strategy developed by Skydome Entertainment. At the time of writing, the game is in a Steam early access. I should note, that the developer actively support the game by adding new story levels, units, buildings, and improve other components of the game both visual and technical. Let’s look at everything in order.

The plot is good, seems that the developers want to focus just on it and it is good for the game in early access. Developer still adds new levels and acts to the story mode. The first levels are introductory, we pass training, learn the game lore, look at different buildings and units. Ok, so it should be, plot and training at once.

In The Hive we take control of the race of insectoid creatures which look like zergs from Starcraft. We build a base, train workers, gather resources, build more buildings, produce an army and go to kill enemies, everything is as it should be in a real-time strategy. The only thing that is slightly annoying, it’s building base beginning is in each level, every time we give only one worker and have a task – build, explore, destroy! The number of different buildings is not large, as well as units, but it is not terrible, the game is in alpha, they will be in the future.

The Hive

Right now, the game has only one story campaign, it is sad, in the game just nothing to do. Hurry up, developer, add a variety of game modes and multiplayer, it would be interesting to play it, especially with new races, at least one, for beginning.

From available in the game now, I like everything: graphics, sound, music, characters voice in particular it is very high quality. Very beautiful landscape: the open spaces, oases, water and underwater landscapes, tombs, all designed very beautiful. Units look good, right on the beginning it can be hard to sort out who is who. Bad sides of the game I would say the presence of only one story campaign, a certain slowness of gameplay and character animation, it looks not well in some moments.

The Hive

As a result, what do we have? It is a promising product in Steam early access which lacks a single player modes and multiplayer, a new race, units and buildings. If the developer will bring the development of the game to the end, it will have all the chances to become something like Armies of Exigo or Starcraft. So far, we can only wait for new updates in the hope of a multiplayer mode.

Nice graphics in the style of the third Warcraft, only more modern
Quality sound, soundtrack and voices of characters
Interesting story
Beautiful design of the menu icons and units Interface
Great potential of the project

Slow gameplay
The lack of game modes, races, buildings and units

Total: 7.5 / 10

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