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Insurgency – first-person shooter, developed by New World Interactive on the Source engine. The story of the game begins in 2002, when Andrew Spirean decided to create a game based on personal military experience. In 2007, the game came to Steam, as a modification for Half Life 2. The very same Insurgency out on Steam January 22, 2014. On it, we now discuss.

The game is a hardcore shooter with elements of realism. Here is not Call of Duty, you will literally die from one hit. If you have a bulletproof vest, probably two or three, depending where the bullets fall. You will not be able to sustain a half magazine, lie down for five seconds and run on. Here everything is for real. The game will have a lot of attention paid to learn tactics and maps. The author also perfectly recreate the picture of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somali and conveyed the spirit of war. It really feels realistic, we have to listen to every rustle, which helps us to understand how close the enemy. The interface of the game is minimal. It is little, except for the display of captured control points and the number of magazines in the bags.

The graphics in the game is perfect. It looks very realistic: the sandy deserts, slum cities of the Middle East and snowy hills. Everything looks wonderful: the character models, their uniforms, weapons. You can see everything in details. The weapon looks and shoots realistic, explosions look impressive. Beautifully drawn flame, smoke screens and vegetation, it is possible to disguise, especially if you’re a sniper.


There are 27 maps in the game, which takes place in 12 locations around the world. Combat operations are as day and night. It is worth mentioning the open maps they have a minimum number of structures, hills, gullies, trees or other shelters. On these maps, you should be more careful, if you pop out – get shot by a sniper. Also in the game has a melee map with lots of buildings, streets, walkways and shelters, novice player will be very difficult to navigate.

In the game, there are 8 multiplayer modes and 3 cooperative play modes against the AI. The choice represented by more than twenty types of weapons, starting with the Mosin rifle and ending with the modern M4. It is possible to complement the weapons, setting him various modifications, such as the optical sight or grip. You can also choose a particular type of bullet: armor-piercing, etc. Hang it all at once will not work, will have to sacrifice something and choose only the most necessary in a given situation. The sounds are perfect: the sound of gunfire and explosions perfectly convey the atmosphere of war.


As a result, we get a great team tactical shooter in which if you want to achieve victory you must work together. If you want to experience something like Arma 3, but for less money – this game is for you.

Large maps
Realistic combat operations
Lots of maps and game modes
Very good graphics for the Source engine
Steam Workshop
Low price

Hard to master for novices
Not enough weapons

Total: 9 / 10

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