The International 4 – Results

Dota 2 - International 4

That came to an end the most anticipated and large-scale tournament of this year. Unfortunately, in the Grand final we did not see European teams., but for true connoisseurs of the game it was good to see. It’s safe to say that the usual long Asian DotA we have not seen, and it can be considered a stereotype.  All 4 games were very fast and very dynamic.

Current final repeated their counterparts from The International, The International 2011 and 2012 – champions in those tournaments and won only one goal, ending the game 2-1. As you already know, this was the first final without a team Na’Vi, which flew on the stage of the first round losers and remained at 7/8 place.

For many, the final was not the most interesting, because the Chinese team, but also a fast game. There was no intrigue for most experienced analysts and players who are not confident of victory Newbee – too strong against the background of all the other teams of the Chinese star team. Yes, the beginning of the tournament is not specified, but are judged on results and not on intermediate results. Spite haters team deservedly won Newbee largest amount in the history of eSports that uniquely affect the lives of their players ended. We hope that we will see this team in the current lineup and at the next World Cup.

Dota 2 Newbee Champions of TI4

The results of The International 4:

  • 1st place – Newbee – $ 5,028,308
  • 2nd place – Vici Gaming – $ 1,475,699
  • 3rd place – Evil Geniuses – $ 1,038,455
  • 4th place – Team DK – $ 819,833
  • 5/6 place – / Cloud9 – $ 655,866
  • 7/8 place – Invictus Gaming / Na’vi – $ 519,227
  • 9/10 place – Titan / Team Liquid – $ 49,190
  • 11/12 place – mousesports / Alliance – $ $38,259
  • 13/14 place – Team Empire / Fnatic – $ $21,862


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