Kingdom Wars 2: Battles – A Medieval Bloodshed

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Kingdom Wars 2: Battles is a fantasy medieval real time strategy game developed and published by Reverie World Studios, INC. In general, the genre of the game is a combination of global strategy and card game plus the crafting system. Currently the game is in Steam early access, but it is quite playable product. Battles in the game are extensive.

I do not even know where you are still able to see such a huge scale. You both need to plan dozens of actions: to build and develop the castle, to train units, to improve troops and collect resources. You ask, and when the war? Right now, but imagine that need to fight with several opponents versus and with armies that larger than yours. Here you have to demonstrate the full measure of your strategic generalship and skills.

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles

In the game, there are three completely different playable races. Classic humans, elves and orcs. Style of play, buildings, units and methods of fighting of each faction are different. As each race has their cards and craft with more than two hundred different combinations. There is a mass of drawings materials as well as various legendary items and artifacts.
Visually, the game looks good, of course if you do not look into the details of the units closely. Forests, deserts, and snowy landscapes look good, the architecture of each race is different and the look of the buildings varies drastically. Battles look impressive, bloody, epic and massively. Sometimes, in the heat of battle it is hard to discern where own, and where is opponent, imagine the siege of which involved multiple thousands of units, there is a constant. Everything looks nice, but for 2015 is not perfect.

The game has a well-written plot, the first mission is a classical training. The story is interesting, ambitious and epic, ever wanted to defend the castle as in Lord of the Rings? Play the first mission – beyond just interesting. It is worth noting that the story is not finished but developers make the new episodes every month. Believe me, you will have something to do – the game has a great MMO component. For example, there is a global in-game chat, which you can always talk with more experienced strategists or ask for advice if you are playing for the first time. You can also find friends, join a guild or alliance you can challenge the other players, participate in team battles with friends or play for the rating.

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles

Fans of the medieval mass strategies and hardcore will love this game, it is quite difficult, especially if you play for the rating. Optimization is great game does not lag down even when massive battles. The sound is not very high quality, as for me, but then it is not important. Still there are problems with the control of units, I have to press several times to move the squad or build anything it is a bit annoying. I think when game will be finished, developers will fix all bad sides and make a perfect global strategy.

Massive medieval battles
Many different units and improvements
The crafting system and cards
Interesting story with epic battles
Low price of game
Various biomes: deserts, forests, icy wasteland

Sometimes there are problems with the unit control
The sound could be a little better

Total: 7.5 / 10

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