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Life is Feudal: Your Own is a project from the Russian developers from Bitbox Ltd, currently in the early access Steam. The game is a MMORPG in medieval style, with a serious focus on realism, social interaction and the freedom of choice and action. Here you are free to be anyone: a simple farmer, a crafter, an architect or a warrior.

There are so many things you can do in LiF among the most significant are: unlimited terraforming, a lot of different skills and abilities of the character. You can master any craft, whether blacksmithing, carpentry, farming, or the art of warfare. You can develop your village, found a guild, to exchange goods with other players and eventually build massive citadel, which can then siege other guilds. All this adds features advanced graphics and atmospheric soundtrack.

Life is Feudal

A long time ago I drew attention to this product, in it, first of all, I was interested in realism. While playing, you really feel like a member of the medieval community, will feel the weight of this all the time and find out the conditions in which people lived that time. Here, you can not build a hut for half an hour of playing time, it will take you much more. To get started you will need to find a place, to create tools, to get the necessary resources, chop logs and to bring them to the building site. If you’re playing for yourself, you will need to also watch out for your safety: the other inhabitants are not asleep. At best, you will find someone neutral who just pass over the sight of a potential threat. The initial stages of the game will be difficult: to feed yourself, find a safe place and develop abilities will not be easy.

It should be noted that the Life is Feudal is quite complicated to learn. Of course, with the range of possibilities. When you first start, it will be really hard to understand everything, absolutely: where to find the resources, what to eat, where to find everything you need, how to build, etc. There is no guide in the game menu. Although it is not critical, you can read Steam community guides, it has everything you need.

Life is Feudal

The game world is large enough, there is everything: the huge island with sandy beaches, a little mountain terrain, forests, grasslands, wetlands and small island. There is a set of servers choose with a maximum of 64 people at a time, of course, your character, experience and buildings attached to the server. The problem in this is one – a lot of servers are not official and can be closed at any time and all your progress will be lost.

Developers do not stand still, they have to turn the global modernization of the game. No more servers with a limit of 64 people, in return they will add a single server with a huge and unlimited online world, it obviously will be a benefit. Just imagine, isn’t it all we gamers wanted? A huge medieval world where you can be anyone, do anything, and personally responsible for the consequences of your actions. Is not this the perfect MMORPG?

Life is Feudal

What we have in the end? Extremely realistic, hardcore RPG survival, which is already at the stage of alpha testing and has a huge amount of content. Doubtful customers may be confused by a price tag, but the game is worth the money now and will be worth them at release, I’m sure. Right now, buying the game, you will support the developer in implementing the idea of a MMORPG game. In this project there is a huge potential.

Ultimate Realism
The atmosphere of the middle ages
Modern graphics and sounds, a nice soundtrack
Many different crafts and skills
Terraforming, building castles, settlements
Huge world to explore
Interesting and high-quality combat system
The need to work together with other players
The enormous potential of the project

Difficult to master
Relatively high system requirements

Total: 9/10

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