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The Long Dark is a project created by Canadian developers from Hinterland Studio. Currently the game is in the Steam Early Access. The Long Dark is a simulator of survival in the harsh winter conditions of northern Canada. There is no bloodthirsty zombies or mutants – just cold, hunger, thirst, and that Mother Nature can send upon you.

First, we should mention the incredible style, which made the game: It looks beautiful, atmospheric and cool at the same time. Looking at the main menu, the player will immediately feel that he is not welcome here. Nature itself will let you know that this place – the cold hell, which is almost impossible to survive, absolutely everything that surrounds you, wants you to kill. This brings fear and anguish. To achieve such effects is difficult, but the developers have coped with it perfectly well, bravo.

The Long Dark

Let’s talk specifically about what offers us The Long Dark. In addition to these pleasant graphics and oppressive atmosphere it has many features and details. The game world is incredibly huge – twenty square kilometers of the area available for the exploring: a huge frozen lake, cozy warm hut, tree felling, hunting cabins, cold mountain peaks, etc. The whole area is fill with animals: deer, wolves and bears. Also we can find a variety of plants and mushrooms that can be used for the preparation of medicaments or use them in food. During gameplay you will need to monitor various parameters: the number of calories, hunger, thirst, fatigue, and body temperature. In addition, you will have to look carefully at what you eat: drink dirty water, eat not fresh food – probably, you get sick. If you are not lucky and illness will be fatal, and you will not have the necessary medication – you die a horrible death. The game has three difficulty levels, which depend on several factors, such as predator behavior, their number, etc.

I very much liked the system of using of the materials. For example, we need to rekindle the fire, in which case we can choose what we will use for this purpose. By way of kindling and duration depends on chance. Use paper or fuel, match or stick, everything depends on the situation and opportunities. You have to constantly monitor the performance status, choose warm place to sleep, get food, engaged in gathering, hunting deer, wolves and other animals, and in the end – to survive. Of course, sooner or later you’re going to die, this is its joy can look at the results of other players and compare them to yours, and then – in a new way to conquer the top of the rankings!

The Long Dark

The graphics in the game enjoyable, all performed at a decent level, especially interiors, they look just awesome. Realistic lighting, changing weather conditions, the weather, by the way, depends on many things. Effects of fire, animation of animals, blizzards – everything looks just fine. The interface is user-friendly, intuitive and easy to understand in the craft. Where to obtain the necessary resources, how to stay warm – all very clear in this respect the game is simple. How to get water? Using a stove or fire, you can melt the snow and thereby obtain a supply of water. But do not drink, first use water purification tablet, if you have it, or you’ll have the risk of ill. In the game, by the way, there are more than a hundred different items of different types.

Optimization of the game is good, at the highest settings there are no lags, no FPS falls. Everything is fine in the game, in addition, it constantly supplemented by developers, so you will not get bored. Although now, after a long game, slightly monotonous gameplay can get bored … but it is a more my personal problem than a minus.

The Long Dark

In general, we have an excellent simulation of survival in the toughest conditions, without anything already overexposed zombies and monsters. Instead, we have to resist bitter frost and wildest predators, simultaneously engaged in search of food.

Beautiful design, style and Graphics
Effects of fire, water and weather conditions
The detailed crafting system, character and disease states
Huge world, various fauna
Interesting exploring process and survival
Different levels of difficulty
High replayability

The graphics could be better, especially snowfalls
After several hours of the game it may annoy

Total: 8/10

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