Magicka 2 – Powerful Artifacts!

Magicka 2 Logo

The company Paradox Interactive has shared new information about the game Magicka 2. In the game there will be artifacts, which will affect the gameplay. The game will remain the traditional elements of the series, including 8 magical elements and the possibility of accidentally or specifically use spells on their comrades. Novelty to the second part of the series will be the artifacts!

However, the game elements appear and new mechanics, for example, the ability to heal itself drivable, while in the original Magicka players have to stand still during the healing. Some of the Artifacts will only cosmetic, while others will affect the gameplay. For example, one of the artifacts will increase the amount of magician’s life, and the other – will increase the viability of monsters. Among other things, in the game there will be a subject that turns all the wizards in the balloons.

Magicka Screenshot

“We like to think of our magicians, as the most unpredictable and most non-professional magicians in the genre of fantasy. And to change it, we are not going to “, – concluded the game’s producer, Peter Cornelius

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