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Medieval Engineers is a simulator of the medieval builder developed and published by Czech studio Keen Software House. Here players have to build a variety of castles, fortresses, and other medieval buildings. Currently the project is in a Steam early access. Developers are actively watching the game: eliminating bugs and supplying the game with new content.

In the game, we will have to plan, build and maintain facilities. Starting from a small mill and towers to huge impregnable strongholds. The game has different modes: the siege of the castle, survival, free building. Free construction mode is the most attractive. We simply select the desired units or blocks from the menu and place them in space without the need to extract resources, create something, etc. Now in the game, there are more than a hundred of different parts, blocks and units. There is much to do in terms of construction. It is worse with the rest. Yes, someone can build siege weapons near to your castle and start the siege, but this is not enough. It would be great if it was possible to divide the players into two classes: engineer and captain. The engineer is building and strengthening a castle as the captain trains the army, leads the troops and promotes the defense of its own castle or capture the enemy stronghold. By this, it would be nice to add bots or other players to siege castles, in an amount at least 20-30 people. The final touch is to make the combat system like in Chivalry. If it will be possible, players could spend in game more than a hundred hours. Now, to stay more than ten hours can only the true fans of medieval culture if they really fond of planning and construction.

Medieval Engineers

Visually, the game looks very cool and modern. However, for maximum settings it will require a very powerful computer, it follows that the game need to be better optimized. Very high-quality textures, effects, and the most importantly – a physic. The game has one of the best models of destruction that I have seen in the indie games. From shell hit, fortification realistically damaged, appears break, spilling fragments. The game is not without beautiful scenery, forests, meadows and mountain locations look very nice, always wants something to build. Beautiful effects of fire, high-quality lighting model, it looks amazing. In Medieval Engineers there are very high quality sound effects and music, everything matches the atmosphere.

The game has a multiplayer game. There are not a lot of players online and lack of servers, but still you can play with a friends, build a castle and start the war. It is interesting to check which one of you is better versed in the architecture of medieval castles. It is not difficult to master the game. The interface is simple and convenient, have the same menu prompts, which has all information about management, buildings, etc.

Medieval Engineers

All in all, what do we have? Beautiful medieval sandbox game with beautiful graphics, physics, castle siege and multiplayer. What else need? Need more content. Developers are constantly add new blocs, weapons and capabilities. I can advise to play this game to all fans of the middle ages, castle sieges and sandboxes.

High-quality graphics, lighting, effects
Very good physics, destructible objects
Music and sound perfectly complement the atmosphere of the middle ages
The gigantic potential
User-friendly interface
Menu tips
Low price of game
Wokshop mods

Optimization far too weak
Not so much the content as we would like

Total: 8/10

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