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The Division – Restoration of New-York!

Tom Clancys the division logo

The Division players will be able to return New York to life with the help of the database. Developers shared the information about the role of databases and the acquisition of territory. One of the important elements to restore order will include an ECHO. This technology will allow players to reconstruct the events of the past on various data. Read more…

Dishonored 2 – On a New Generation Consoles!

Dishonored 2 Logo

Arkane Studios team working simultaneously on two unannounced project. Listings of vacancies in the various departments of the studio show to continue working on Dishonored 2. In particular, in the studio Arkane Lyon requires the programmer to work with the engine for the game, which will appear on the platforms Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. Read more…

Far Cry 4 – Main Villian’s Right Hand!

Far Cry 4 Pagan Min Logo

Ubisoft has introduced a new character, which will play an important role in Far Cry 4. Developers have published an image of a certain lady by the name of Hume, which will act on the side of Pagan Min. According to a representative of the studio, Hume – the right hand of the main villain of the game, and General of the Royal Army. Ubisoft have not yet shared any details. Read more…

Assassin’s Creed: Memories – New Part of Series!

Assassin's Creed: Memories Logo

Release of another part of Assassin’s Creed has already taken place. Players sent to the feudal era in Japan, as in the network before there were a lot of rumors. Ubisoft has released the game Assassin’s Creed: Memories, where players can fight in team battles. The game is a mobile application for the iOS, it’s a card strategy with elements of role-playing games. Read more…

Silent Hills – Aliens are Coming

Silent Hills Logo

In Silent Hills may return radio broadcasts. The voice on the radio in the teaser PT, which gamers showcased Gamescom hints at alien involvement in the mysterious events of the new game. In particular, the radio could clearly hear the voice, which broadcasts in Swedish. And gamers were able to translate the transfer, revealing new details of the upcoming horror game. Read more…

World of WarCraft – New World Religion!

Wow Lich Logo

Robert Geraci, notes that the game forces gamers to think about the ethical issues and social values​​ which is actually an attribute of any religion. Geraci recently wrote a book called “Virtual shrine: Myth and meaning in the World of Warcraft and Second Life», which described in detail the religious experiences of players of multiplayer online games. Read more…

Mad Max – And a couple of Surprises!

Max Max Logo

Team Avalanche Studios promises gamers a “few surprises” in the coming 2015. Fans hoping for a long-awaited announcement of the game Just Cause 3. At the moment the studio officially announced project is to reboot of Mad Max series, which is scheduled for release in 2015. At the same time, the team continues to support the hunting simulator. Read more…

Valve Corporation – Do You Want to Work With Us?

Valve Logo

Video game developers would prefer to work in Valve Corporation, than his own company. According to polls International Game Developers Association, Valve is the most attractive place to work for now. The survey polled more than 2 thousands of developers who have identified a majority vote of the most coveted job in the gaming industry. Read more…