OBEY – Mighty Rabbits


Obey it is quite an original project in the Steam early access Developed by Dan Dez. Here we find ourselves in the skins of fluffy white rabbits. So, what’s the whole point of the game? Quite simply, for the victory you need to collect as much gold. In this hard deal, we got help of large cannon that is located in the center of the map, it gives us some special abilities.

Naturally the one who gets to the gun can do all that he wants, and will receive 10 times more gold. At high firepower of weapon, we can made to work the entire island for us. Of course, you can overthrow the ruler rabbit and take his place, but it will be relatively difficult. This is the whole point of the game.

Obey is primarily a multiplayer game. For a more comfortable gameplay, you must have 4-8 people. So, for example, we managed to become the ruler, what do we do? To protect ourselves from the onslaught of enemies most of the profits we have to spend to buy weapons and resources. We can become a ruthless ruler, but this will lead to a revolution, and we can be good, but then we will be easy to manipulate. Therefore, it would be difficult to find some facet that will help us to remain at the helm of the robot.


As for the graphics, you can see that some fragments drawn better than others. In general, all the maps are very well developed. The soundtrack perfectly complements the atmosphere of the game.

As a result, the developer did a great job. The idea of the project is unique, there is an opportunity to see who and how controls because each person has his own approach to the game.. If you want to try something new then perhaps you should pay attention to the product.

Game still in Steam Early Access, it will have more content
Ability to play on a local network
Low system requirements
Creative play
Good community of players
The presence of many languages

Low online

Total: 7 / 10

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