Oculus Rift – For Everybody

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Founder of Oculus VR, engaged in the development, wants Oculus Rift were in every home. Lucky Palmer, the inventor of virtual reality shared his plans for the future. The company Oculus VR works to present consumers with glasses “more frames per second and higher resolution, and the smaller and the size and weight and at the lowest possible price.”

“We want to make virtual reality goggles were in every home. But at the time of release, you need to be realistic. People who acquire the first virtual reality glasses are likely to be gamers. And it will be PC gamers, as the platform works best with Oculus Rift », – explained Lucky.

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“Gradually, virtual reality will become more and more popular. But at the time of release, we aimed specifically at an audience of gamers. We decided that it is better to choose a target audience of those people who are likely to buy our product, then we will convince and different audience. “

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