STASIS - Sci-Fi Horror

STASIS is a point-and-click, sci-fi, horror adventure game played from a unique isometric perspective. Read more »

The Banner Saga - Epic Vikings

Live through an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey. Make allies as you travel with your Read more »

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Doom: Steam CD Key

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Welcome to ArtGames: News, Guides and Game Modding by d1zo 2018

Jamestown – Founding of English America

Jamestown Logo

Jamestown is well known to many Americans as the first colonial settlement in North America in 1619. This game is also set in the year 1619, but it is not in the New World. It is set in Mars. You are a British colonial on the run from the king and country and you try to uncover the secrets of the colony of Roanoke. However, the opposing forces you must face are the Spanish/Martians. Read more…

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+

Pac-Man Logo

I began playing this game in 2015, the 35 year anniversary for Pac-Man. Pac-Man grew to be an iconic classic game. Many versions of Pac-Man games have come out since 1980 trying to cash in on Pac-Man’s greatness. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX brings back the Pac-Man fever on Steam and shows that Pac-Man has aged quite well. Read more…

DRIFT84 – Drift Like a God

DRIFT84 Logo

DRIFT84 is a drift simulator with view from the top, developed and published by the studio Reventador Games. The game appeared in Steam Greenlight. Community interested in this project and soon it got the green light and the game got a release date – July 14, 2015. I was always attracted by the simplicity of indie projects. Read more…

Crypt of the NecroDancer – Dance with Death

Crypt of the NecroDancer Logo

There have been many music-based games in recent years. I remember buying Audiosurf in 2008 and thought that it was so unique getting a game that plays on highway-like track according to the song you play. Many rhythm-based games have been distributed over the years and Crypt of the Necrodancer is one of them. This game is different. Read more…

Heroes Reborn – Official Trailer

Heroes Reborn Logo

The saga behind the 2006 breakout series “Heroes” will continue this fall as creator Tim Kring returns to the fold and develops new layers to his original superhero concept. This highly anticipated 13-episode event series will reconnect with the basic elements of the show’s first season, where ordinary people were waking up to the fact that they had extraordinary abilities. Read more…

Risen 3: Titan Lords – Power Unleashed

Risen 3 Logo

Risen 3 – at the time of writing the review, the last game from the German studio Piranha Bytes in Risen Trilogy. Let’s start with the fact that the game is much better in all compared to Risen 2. But animation never changes. This time we take on the role of the son of Captain Steel Beard. At the beginning of the game, we found a certain map that leads to untold riches. Read more…

The Red Solstice – Taking on Mars

The Red Solstice Logo

The Red Solstice is a tactical team shooter developed by Ironward. This game reminds a game by Valve Alien Swarm. In the story we are kind of group that landed on the dark and estranged colony of Mars to investigate the causes of loss of communication. Here you need to survive and perform tasks that adds even more hardcore.  Read more…

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles – A Medieval Bloodshed

Kingdom Wars 2 Logo

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles is a fantasy medieval real time strategy game developed and published by Reverie World Studios, INC. In general, the genre of the game is a combination of global strategy and card game plus the crafting system. Currently the game is in Steam early access, but it is quite playable product. Battles in the game are extensive. Read more…