STASIS - Sci-Fi Horror

STASIS is a point-and-click, sci-fi, horror adventure game played from a unique isometric perspective. Read more »

The Banner Saga - Epic Vikings

Live through an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey. Make allies as you travel with your Read more »

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Welcome to ArtGames: News, Guides and Game Modding by d1zo 2018

Her Story – A Detective Simulator


Her Story is a game by Sam Barlow, creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle. It’s a kind of detective simulator. It is worth noting that at the time of writing the game has only English language with subtitles, it means that if you do not know the language at a fairly good level, you will not be able to fully enter into the gameplay and story. Read more…

Zombie Night Terror – Deadly Bit


If you never played Lemmings, you probably missed out on leading a colony of cute dumb creatures that walk straight to their death in a bottomless pit. Fear not, because the formula is being brought up to date while still keeping pixel art, but this time featuring zombies straight from the Left 4 Dead universe! Zombie Night Terror, a game currently in development by team NoClip. Read more…

Despair – Labyrinths of Subway


Currently indie projects are popular. Among them there are games of different genres, including horror. From the most popular can be called, Outlast, Amnesia, Slender, SCP, etc. Now I would like to draw attention to the project called Despair. This is indie-horror from the studio AGC, the game released in May 2015. Developer used Unity game engine to create this game. Read more…

Infested Planet – A New Swarm


I’ll start with the negative points first: The difficulty can be quite extreme in the later levels. Despite a very flexible gameplay system and some good level ideas or even some maps that are randomly generated, overall the game can end up feeling repetitive if played in long sessions. The art style goes from excellent to just ok. Read more…

One Finger Death Punch – Knockout


This game seems to be inspired by Kung-Fu films. You first learn to use the incredibly simple mechanics of martial arts choreography which requires only a mouse. There is no keyboard to consider for any part of the game. It is all about learning how to use the left and right mouse buttons as a stick figured man fight other stick figured people, usually gray in color. Read more…

BioShock: Infinite – Clouds of Columbia


It’s is quite different than the other Bioshock games because of what’s excluded. Gone is the city of Rapture. Gone is Jack, the protagonist. Gone is Andrew Ryan, the main villain in Rapture. Gone are Big Daddies and the Little Sisters. What’s new is the city of Columbia in the year 1912, a city that seceded from the United States because of its ideals and superiority. Read more…

Door Kickers – It’s All About Tactics


Door Kickers – excellent tactical strategy from Romanian developers. It teach us how to go into the little-known areas. First, we start to play as 2-3 SWAT soldiers and go through all missions quite easily. The next step we are going to manage a bigger team, and solve more complex problems. We can take missions by rush, blowing up the door to throw flashes and grenades. Read more…

This War of Mine – Nightmares of Civil War

This War Of Mine Logo

This War of Mine – a game that reveals the whole nightmare of war. We see the war from the other side. The game is divided into two phases, day and night. In the afternoon we use materials we have to improve our refuge. And we can look for the trader that usually comes every few days. And more, an ordinary citizen can come and offer you their help or ask you for help. Read more…