PlayStation 4 – Bright Future of Modern Console!

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Sony has counted more than 10 million consoles sold PlayStation 4, which is certainly very happy, but at the same time, what wary. The head of the company did not expect so successful performance make him nervous. “As our sales exceed expectations, our instincts tell us should take care of future sales. Maybe we have saturated the entire market players?”

“10 million consoles sold for 9 months after the release, and it’s much more than we expected. As you know, we tried to keep the number of consoles in the stores to meet the demand for many months. It was difficult to find a PlayStation 4. Now we were able to release the right amount of consoles in each country, and I think everyone can easily find them, “- explained Shushey Yoshida.

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“We are delighted. But I’m a little nervous because we do not fully understand what was happening. You have to understand why your product is sold so well to plan for the future, right? This is the usual approach. Many thought that the equipment only for games no one needs in the future, but until now, many people want to buy the console. ”