The Red Solstice – Taking on Mars

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The Red Solstice is a tactical team shooter developed by Ironward. This game reminds a game by Valve Alien Swarm. In the story we are kind of group that landed on the dark and estranged colony of Mars to investigate the causes of loss of communication. Here you need to survive and perform tasks that adds even more hardcore. 

Now here is a choice of four levels of difficulty, which makes it possible to test your strength in the strategic plan. An important feature here is in the levels, they are generated randomly this adds an infinite replayability. Good side of The Red Solstice is an excellent cooperative mode. In the game, you can choose one of eight classes from assault ending with terminator. To get access to all of the characters, you need to finish all possible levels of the game and earn achievements.

The Red Solstice

Each character has a variety of active and passive skills, which gives him the required uniqueness. Winning the battle is almost impossible if you do not have a medic in your squad or for example hold a certain amount of waves is unreal without specific tactics. Of course for the battles in cooperative mode with good friends with whom you can create a strategy and get a lot of pleasure this game is great. Visually this game is good, quality of models of marines and enemies are great. Draw the attention should be on the levels they are here huge and well designed. Freedom for maneuvering and the lack of linearity with the exception of the story missions. As you play the game, you will open more intricate and maze-like levels.

The Red Solstice

All in all we can say that the game is not for everyone. If you like good tactical simulators, it is your choice. The developers should think about adding the Steam Workshop. It will be interesting for community to create all sorts of interesting levels, maps and episodes.

Many different classes
Team play based gameplay
Pretty difficult
Large-scale maps and levels
Co-op mode
Wonderful music

Not very good graphic for 2015
Lack of Steam Workshop
Only English language

Total: 7 / 10

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