Risen 2: Dark Waters – Golden Era of Piracy

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Risen 2: Dark Waters is the game from the German developers from Piranha Bytes. The protagonist of the first part of the series is already faced with the pirates on the island of Faranga. But now, freed Titans create storms, drown ships and sea settlements and claim the lives of hundreds of marine civilians. Here we come, the hero of Faranga, in order to save the day.

We will meet old friends, such as the daughter of a famous pirate Captain Steel Beard, Patty. In the second part of the trilogy, the protagonist becomes a pirate, in order to enlist the support of the local filibusters and Captain Steel Beard. The plot, as it is stuck at Piranha Bytes, banal. We are looking for treasure using old maps, swim to the islands in search of adventure, drink rum in the port taverns, fire at bottles, general are living a normal life of the average pirate. From untypical for pirates, we are destroying sea monsters created by the Titans, travel to the realm of the dead and looking for artifacts to defeat the villain. The plot – not the main advantage of Risen and Gothic series, it is simple, does not stand out, but sometimes intriguing and exciting.

Risen 2

Graphics became more beautiful, brighter. Beautiful tropical landscapes, ancient ruins and settlements look amazing, the graphics pleases the eye. The visual effects are better, more realistic. The monsters, characters and various wild animals looks wonderful with textures of high quality. In visual terms, it is the same Risen 1, only better. The only thing that looks bad, it’s character animation, it is terrible as before.

The role-playing system has changed. There is no more magic but voodoo witchcraft, but there are guns and pistols. Now, the main character can treat the characters and convince them, he can tame parrots and monkeys and use them to steal items. Now we have many different talents, abilities and skills, their numbers literally dazzled. It’s very interesting to develop and put into practice.

Risen 2

It is fashionable to make games easier for consumers. Risen 2: Dark Waters does not suffer the same fate. The game is very hard, the combat system is no exception, especially in the early stages of the game when we do not even know how to counterattack or use witchcraft and shoot straight with rifles and pistols. Money is not always enough: there is nothing to heal yourself, a weak weapon, nothing to pay for skills training and so on. It difficult to gain experience, and as result we cannot learn all skills in one walkthrough, it is necessary to distribute the experience points wisely, learning only what is necessary.

As a result, we can say that the atmosphere of piracy transferred perfectly, as in visual terms and in terms of the atmosphere. The game is to play it. All will be happy, especially those who love the pirate theme. Yo-ho-ho!

Beautiful graphics
Inexpressible atmosphere of pirate adventure
Travel between the islands
Role-playing system
The ability to tame monkeys and parrots

Clumsy animation
Weak plot

Total: 7.5 / 10

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