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Risen 3 – at the time of writing the review, the last game from the German studio Piranha Bytes in Risen Trilogy. Let’s start with the fact that the game is much better in all compared to Risen 2. But animation never changes. This time we take on the role of the son of Captain Steel Beard. At the beginning of the game, we found a certain map that leads to untold riches.

We go to the specified point to check it. As a result, we die and lose the most important thing in life – our soul. Strange portals with evil beast called shades started to open all over the world. A week later, the protagonist raises from the dead with a help of voodoo witchcraft by some voodoo priest who selflessly offers his help in saving the world. I will not go into the details of the plot and reveal his few turns, except to say that it is better than in Risen 2. Is it banal? You decide when finish the story. Personally, I liked it very much, but some moments will live long in my memory.

Non-linear story, finally! In the third part of the series developers have managed to create three unique factions, in which there is a possibility to join. In addition to the appearance of the hero changes his specialty, abilities, movement style and ship on which we swim. There are three factions: the Mages – everything is clear, luxury, order and magic glove, allowing spell casting. Demon Hunters, a local order, who considers himself a savior of the world and believe in their destiny mission, a minimum of magic and maximum of swordsmanship. The last – voodoo pirates – the most in my opinion unusual fraction, a certain mixture of the previous two, without much deviation in the fighting style plus a unique voodoo witchcraft. In short, the fractions are great and fun. It is very difficult to decide whom to join, all three are interesting and unusual.

Risen 3: Titan Lords

The appearance of the game has improved: trees, bushes, grass – everything is fine. In terms of graphics the Risen series has always been marvelous, especially if you look at the system requirements of the game – all a fairy tale. The only thing, perhaps, to which there is a claim is animation, damn it damn it, it’s just as bad as in Risen 1. Is it really impossible to hire actors and record the movements? It remains a mystery.

Role system similar to the one we saw in the Risen 2, but slightly improved. The dialogues have more response options that affect the result and so on. Appeared karma system that depends on our actions: if you would be rude to the left and the right, lie and betray everyone – Welcome to the dark side, but in this case, do not wait a good ending. The combat system is not perfect. In the beginning it is terribly monotonous, but once you learn a couple of tricks – and here it is not so bad. Various parry, counter and magic tricks will not get bored either you or your opponent.

Risen 3: Titan Lords

Sounds in the game are beautiful, realistic, voice characters interesting, varied, especially the voice of the protagonist, believe me, it is something. Music depends on your location: pay a visit to the jungle – hear a familiar pirate motifs of Risen 2, will fall into the hell of burnt ash wastelands – you will be met the darkest motives from which the goosebumps are appeared on your skin.

As a result, we get a great old school RPG in which felt the presence of Gothic. If you want adventure in the spirit of the old school – this game is for you.

Lovely design of locations, open world
Partial non-linearity
Role system at the highest level
Excellent voices and music

The combat system in the first hours of the game

Total: 9 / 10

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