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I have to say the name of the game is misleading, this is the most favorite Gothic game. Every aspect of the game is recognizable: the gameplay, storytelling, management style, menus and dialogs, even the appearance of the characters and their behavior. We find ourselves on the island as a result of shipwreck, the reasons for which are not known.

The game world is dark and depressing. From the first minutes, the local inhabitants will give us to understand that outsiders are not welcome here. Respect and honor we have to win the first, doing errands and helping local residents. After a few hours, we will choose one of the three factions.

Who would not say, but the graphics is an essential component of modern video games. In our case, in the Gothic series and Risen, atmosphere is the main feature it is in turn dependent on the graphic design of the environment. If we compare the design world in Gothic 3 and Risen, we can immediately see that there is almost no difference. In general, the graphics is very pleasant, rich and juicy. In some places, though noticeable lack of polygons, but on the whole everything is good. Visual effects, lighting, change of weather, day and night cycle look very nice, all of these factors form a perfectly crafted visually world. Monster’s models look great, but models of people should be a little bit modified.


The animation in the game will remind us of the Gothic series. It has not changed, no better or worse. Gestures of characters during dialogues look a bit unnatural, behavior of monsters sometimes seems unrealistic, wryly. Very good animated sky, sea, water flows. The only notable drawback – trees and shrubs seem frozen. Oh, the noticeable progress in fight animations, but that’s the merit of the new combat system. In general, the animation does not become better, in some place it is even worse than in the Gothic, and this is clearly not decorate game.

Rate the story and quest chains is very difficult. It’s safe to say that non-linearity of the first chapters of the game went to benefit, however, from the third chapter of the game it becomes linear and the game transforms from an RPG to action. It was in the second Gothic too. The plot is banal and simple but the authors were able to captivate the player in the life of the island, get to think about the morality of actions and deeds. The biggest drawback – the lack of colorful, vivid and memorable characters. The ending is not memorable, homely and not impressive. The final boss is not like Titan and its murder not leave an impression of accomplishment of something grand and epic. After ending, you want something more, but no, the game ends. It should be noted, that the first two chapters are the most interesting and memorable.


It is clear that the Risen is not Gothic, the game has many new things, the most important is a completely redesigned battle system. Just click down the enemy will not succeed, and now each of them have their own fighting style. The player can train the skill of selected type of weapon to ten. It’s worth noting that not all will be able to learn in a single walkthrough, will have to choose just one thing. Magic was improved visually and technically. The game features a wide variety of crafts, from alchemy, and the blacksmith to the hunter and thief. Superior enemy AI did not affect the behavior of the NPC, they behave the same way as in the first Gothic. It is also worth mentioning a wonderful soundtrack and voice acting of characters.

Is this game good? Absolutely. The game looks awesome, especially considering the fact that it made by a small German studio Piranha Bytes, their finances not allow them to create game such as Skyrim or Dragon Age.

Beautiful graphics and design
Unforgettable atmosphere of the Gothic series
Huge world to explore
Nonlinear walkthrough of some chapters
A variety of different character skills
A huge number of side quests

Some of the animations look unnatural
Weak AI
Not too memorable story

Total: 7 / 10

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