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This project is a sequel to the classic Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars game, if that name is familiar to you, then playing Rocket League you will feel at home. The new part looks and plays much better than the previous one, and here are the newest modern graphics, new effects and a stable working cross-platform multiplayer for PC and PS4.

What is Rocket League? It is a drive action at tremendous speeds, incredible stunts both on the ground and in the air, mouthwatering style and of course competitive spirit! The aim of the game is extremely simple – bring a huge ball into the opponent’s goal post, while at the same time not allowing the opponent to do the same in your gates. Looks simple? Add to this the opportunity to ride on the walls, bounce, speed-up and when you gain experience to hit the ball in flight. To learn Rocket League is not difficult, even a child will understand, but to master all aspects of the game – will leave more than one hundred hours.

Rocket League

In Rocket League, there are different modes to choose from: the season, fast game with bots or other players in braces 1×1, 2×2 3×3 and 4×4. Just a play on the rating of 1×1, 2×2 and 3×3. For beginners there is a practice where you can easily master the controls, the basic tricks of the car and practice your strokes in flight. As you can see, there is everything that need for all types of players. Training for beginners, practice for regular game and ranking to compete against other players. Starting to play the season give us the opportunity to create own team and win the cup. To win, you must play a total of 36 matches, followed by semi-finals and finals. There are 3 levels of difficulty of bots: rookie, pro and all-star. Playing at the maximum level of difficulty you will experience one of the most difficult challenges in the history of video games, this bots not forgive mistakes and very accurate in hitting your goal post.

Rocket League

Rocket League Visually looks amazing, really. Futuristic style perfectly underlines the speed and agility of the gameplay, Unreal Engine is ideal for playing with such style. Machines, which you can customize a little, they look great. Stadiums look impressive and epic. The people in the stands feel as a living, it is also a great merit of the sound component. The crowd was responsive to everything that happens in the stadium: close to the enemy goal post? The crowd was jubilant. You fought off the ball that is about to get to the gate? The crowd will be surprised and will scream. All other sound effects made at the very high level.

The gameplay is the most interesting in multiplayer. The match lasts just five minutes, but in the five minutes there is so much things that in the first hours of the game just does not come off, and then, too. Number of adrenaline and emotions during the game simply prohibitive. Especially if you play with friends using voice communication. You can come up with tactics and strategies to give in to one another, to help trace the enemy, to wait on the sidelines and strike at the right time – the Rocket League has everything you need to play together.

Rocket League

It is worth mentioning leveling system it is good but it is not affected anything except for level number in profile and rank, for example: the level of 1-10 under your nickname will be written “Rookie”, 10-20 “Semi-Pro”, 20-30 “Pro“ and so on. Experience given for almost everything: for the scored goal, for the first touch to the ball, beat off the ball, which flew into your gates. With each match, you also get access to new vehicles and objects of customization: color, style of accelerator, flags, hats and so on. All this is only decorative, even autos. The balance of the game at the highest level, as it should be in the sport.

You may ask, is there any disadvantages in the game? At this point, in my opinion, they are not. During the launch of the game server had difficulty because of the unexpectedly large number of players, in consequence of which was the high latency and crashes. Everything is stable now, for 15 hours of play there is no single crash, lag or disconnection. Bravo.

Rocket League

As a result, we have an excellent, perfect game that combines all the charm of a whirlwind of action, futuristic design, fast driving and the spirit of sportsmanship. I’m not a fan of football, but this game is clearly taken very warm place in my heart. Obvious candidate for sports simulator of 2015. I highly recommend Rocket League to anyone who is fond of games.

Incredible design, graphics
Beautiful sound, the soundtrack, the voices of the crowd from the stands
Whirlwind gameplay and action
The variety of game modes
Interesting customization, leveling
Easy to learn
Emotions during the match, the adrenaline

For now, no bad sides

Total: 10/10

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