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Running With Rifles is a large-scaled multiplayer shooter with a view from the top developed by Modulaatio Games. This project will make you forget popular shooters for a couple of nights. Developers offer you to join the ranks of the soldiers fighting for the large-scale areas with other factions. When you first start the game can seem that it is kind a dull project.

However, it should spend about twenty minutes, and you will begin to dive into the atmosphere of a real war. The whistle of bullets from different flanks, exploding mines on the battlefield, and only one bullet hit our soldier sends it to the heaven. The fighting taking place in the large-scale maps. Our goal is to capture the main points of opponents who are marked on the map. We have the ability to use military equipment, improve guns, and level up the title. We have a completely open game world, where we are free to choose where to go and where to attack.


As a fan of games, I was very interesting to try new tactical maneuvers. You will find many different shelters, if used it correctly, you do not just save your hero from death. For beginners it will be difficult to soberly assess the situation, when all sides are firing. However, if you’re a fan of tactics, just an hour – two will be enough to understand completely everything. And, you will be able to use each building in several times more efficient.

Running With Rifles in terms of realism is made perfect. As already said one bullet and our hero is dead. Do not run ahead of the squad, this is not Call of Duty in which you can die only with 3-4 bullets. The battle will take place in the narrow streets, where the main advantage will depend on how the right attitude you can choose. In such situations you need to use your technic carefully, otherwise you will get a rocket from enemy’s RPG. As for weapons, we can say that the arsenal is very modest, and it is updated only after the increasing the rank. But, there are a lot of military equipment (tanks, armored vehicles, jeeps, military boats, etc.). What is missing is air forces, as if it had been present the project was likely to be just crazy.


Multiplayer it is a place where you can show how brilliant tactician you are. It is in the multiplayer mode you can get stunning and unforgettable emotions in case of victory. If you have a couple of friends who are fond of this genre of games, you may be here for a long time. There is a mode where you can destroy bots with other players, but it is not very interesting. Graphics in this game is great. There are very good drawn all the details (military equipment, shelters, soldiers, grass). The soundtrack in the main menu after a couple of hours begins to enrage, I had to turn it off.

I think that the game lacks physics and destruction. For example, it would be great to see how the wall crumbles after hit by tank shells in it. Also, the project lacks the Steam Workshop. The community will fill the gaps that currently exist in the game (deficit of weapons, will be more maps, a new abilities, etc.).


As a result, we have a quality product for a low price. If you are a fan of tactical games, then you definitely should pay attention to it. Players who want to experience something new, it is worth trying to play the multiplayer.

Tactical component
Exciting gameplay
Network operations
A wide range of equipment
Huge maps
Beautiful graphics
Low Price of game

Deficit of weapons
Not enough physics
Game don’t have Steam Workshop

Total: 7.5/10

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