Shelter 2 – Difficulties of Mother Lynx

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Shelter 2 is a project developed and published by the studio Might and Delight. The game have very good rating among players and critics. We can call this game a lynx-mother simulator, we have to take care of her cubs: to protect, feed and warm when the cold comes, but let us have a closer look. To start, let us determine. This is not the typical kind of survival simulator.

In the Shelter 2 there is something that simply is not the typical in survival games. There is warmth that you feel during the game, especially if you are fond of cats, lynx or feline species. Who don’t like cats nowadays? Almost everyone like them. Shelter 2 offers everyone to feel like a cat, except that wild and not in a warm home environment but in the icy tundra, where you are constantly starving and hunted by predators.

Shelter 2

The game has a very unusual graphic design that will appeal to fans of origami. All around it looks as if it was made out of paper. This gives the game a certain charm, this you definitely will not see anywhere else. The menu, words and pictures in-game look very unusual, beautiful and at the same time fit well into the overall visual picture of the game. In addition to graphics, the game has a great sound and music, I will not describe it in detail – you will hear it yourself. I will tell you one thing: who can remain indifferent to purr or meow expressed by newly born lynx? Only the one who has no heart.

Gameplay is very simple. Survive and help small lynx to survive. Hunt for different prey: rabbits, field mice, and if you are lucky – deer. Eat yourself caught prey or let cubs to eat – choose what is more important for you in certain situation. After a small amount of playing time young grow up, but not all – those who mother could not save will feed the wolves or other predators. After growing up a generation, we need to nurture and grow new, and so on.

Shelter 2

Bad sides of the game? It has some. Game becomes monotonous and boring after some hours. We certainly can do the fulfillment of all the achievements, but for this you will need to find all the hidden objects in the game world, without a map. It is quite difficult and tedious …. Personally, for me, at first I did not quite understand what to do and where to go. Would not prevent any advice or tips.

In general, we have a great game, I would say, a masterpiece, a work of art that can make you really feel on itself the responsibility experienced by animals with offspring and thus are in a constant danger.

“If the soul – is the ability to love, to be faithful and grateful, that animals possess it to a greater extent than most people.” – James Herriot

The game can cause warmth, affection
Profound experience for every little cub
Unusual graphic design in the style of origami
Great atmosphere
Sounds and music
Low price of game

Monotonous and boring after a while
The lack of advices or tips

Total: 9 / 10

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