Shovel Knight – Warrior in Shining Armor


Simple, retro-styled gameplay coupled with tight, responsive controls and a stellar soundtrack all come together to make Shovel Knight an instant indie hit. Shovel Knight is the tale of a knight with an unconventional weapon out to take down the Enchantress and rescue his beloved. Giving nods to old 8-bit titles such as Mega-Man, Super Mario, and Castlevania.

Shovel Knight shows us that retro still holds up even now. Borrowing all of the best bits and pieces of each of those titles and making them it’s own, Shovel Knight perfects each aspect and delivers a thrilling game experience.

The Good

+ Simple, tight controls
+ Detailed 8-bit environments and animations
+ Retro gameplay and mechanics
+ Lots of sub-weapons to mix up your arsenal
+ Collectibles
+ Mini-games
+ Challenging boss battles
+ Amazing soundtrack
+ Effective upgrade system for health and magic
+ Tons of secrets to find
+ New Game +

The Bad

- Bad? There is not anything bad about Shovel Knight!
- Okay fine, If you have to have a con, it’s that the game is not nearly long enough for how awesome it is. If it were a 200 hour adventure, it MIGHT be long enough.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight’s greatest feat is disguising itself as “old school” when it’s design philosophy couldn’t be any further from it. This title is a game every fan of retro classics of the NES era should own, and it’s available on a variety of platforms, including Steam and the Nintendo 3DS.

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