Sid Meier’s Civilization V – Game review by Whiteswart


Where should I start? How I’m in love with history of humankind? Or how Sid Meier made a deity of history-based sandbox games? Nope. Do we need some comparisons, like with Paradox games or Total War series? Nah, they are distinct. Too many details, too narrative. Those games are awesome, no doubt, but not in an aerial way, like Civilization does.

Main catch of this game is in its simplicity. Everybody can rule an empire there. Though, it’s a sandbox, it has a different face for every player. You want to rage a war and hold the whole world under your color – do that. Or you want to be in peace with everybody? Oh, you can do that too, in dozens of variants. Dozens? I mean, thousands! The devil is in the details, you know.

Civilization V – is a peak of long lasting walk. I liked first and second games, especially second, those fundamentalists are gorgeous. I’m still prefering third Civilization, when I’m going for domination victory. Fourth game feels like Win Vista to me… Overall, fifth Civ game – the most complex and balanced of all. Cultural achievments, market deals, political unions, and religion issue – all are far better than before. If I was supposed to play in one game for life, there are good chances that I’d picked that one.

Civilization V

One thing I have to add – no matter what strategy you want to use: make a Louvre and Hermitage full of stuff, build a spaceship, or run the league of nations, you want an army – you have an army. Every strong player could tell you that. History tells you that. Today news telling you the very same. If you don’t feed own army, soon you’re gonna be feeding somebody else. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

Peace, people. Make love, not war.

My Score: 10 / 10

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