Skyrim Mod – Waterfall Outland

Waterfall Outland

Version v1.1 is released!
Attention! Dragonborn and Dawnguard are required!
I am glad to present you my new house mod for Skyrim. The house is made in an unusual style. Structure is somewhere in an unknown place, to get to where you will be using the portal. Cell of house is located in the exterior.

The house contains:
- An unusual perfurmance style, you have not seen anything like this!
- Great place to stay and storage.
- Warm comfort outdoors.
- The mysterious place that holds its secrets.
- Guardian of the portal, which you have to fight.
- And more!..

Skyrim Waterfall Outland

Portal to house is located near to Whiterun. You need to go to the east of Whiterun, near to the river.
Please report bugs and suggestions!

Thanks to:
Bethesda for amazing game,
Blary for meshes and textures.

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